New Threads, from The Market

Merrick was never one to wander the market, but that was before he had coin to spend. “I could see how one could get used to this” he thought as he meandered thru the kiosks and shops, fresh from the Bathhouse. In fact, it was his trip to the bathhouse that had led to him to peruse the market to begin with.

Normally Merrick had preferred the springs when he needed to wash up or relax, but this new exercise regiment he had taken up had recommended steaming hot saunas afterwards. He counted himself very fortunate to not only have the mechanism for producing instructional illusions from the old wizard’s tower at his disposal, but also the facilities in town that the instructor of the illusion just happened to suggest as well.

He really was taken aback at how well, and how quickly, these exercises worked! He hadn’t anticipated that in a few short weeks, his strength and stamina was the rival of even Thundercaller. Hi did happen to notice one drawback after getting out of the sauna, though; none of his clothes fit quite right anymore.

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