Cast Party, from Raven Woods Estate

The forest creatures near the Raven Woods estate skitter about in preparation for winter gathering nuts while others gorge on what they find to be ready for hibernation, but none seem too concerned over the looming shadow overhead suddenly widening: for as the late afternoon begins its transition into early evening, the sun has an […]

Entrance Exam, from Around Hope’s Bastion

Galen stood just inside the doorway of the main hall leading out into the central courtyard. His eyes fixed on a part of wall he had calculated Alarius’s study to be. Mentally, he traced a route thru the doors, stairs, and passageways the spell would have to transverse to reach him. He calculated the total […]

Human vs Nature, from Waterfalls – Hotspring

Merrick wordlessly snaps the reigns, bringing Bucky and the cart to a stop near the water’s edge. With a sigh, he lifts himself off, landing with a squishy thud next to his horse, patting it on it’s neck without looking up. He ambles to a small clearing near the pool and begins unbuckling his armor […]

Grounded, from The Last Chance

While most of the more lively clientele sought out the Dragon during late evenings, the Last Chance kept a more reserved atmosphere. Merrick and Copper’s games of darts had become a fixture at the Last Chance; even after the Toothless Dragon opened its doors. The pair kept the competition between them light and preferred the […]

Making Friends, from Vignettes & World Building

“So, I get to watch a brand new spell in the making, huh?” Galen quipped, trying to break some of the tension threatening his resolve. Although he himself wouldn’t be in any danger, he couldn’t help but think back to the week before when he joined Alarius on a visit to the forest elves where […]

Cash’s Commission, from Around Hope’s Bastion

In between hammer blows, Cash heard the telltale sound of a light knock at her door. “The door’s open, I’ll be right there!” she bellowed, over her shoulder before putting the ingot back into the furnace and wiping some of the grime off of her face. As she made her way to the counter, she […]

Border Crossing, from Vignettes & World Building

”Are you ready?” Galen takes a deep breath and nods. Alarius gives him a disarming smile. “I am tempted to tell you to relax, that I’ll be with you the whole way, that it’s actually a calming experience, but we both know people can take the same stimuli very differently. Which, I suppose is why […]