A little flash fiction writing

“They say patience is a virtue, Clara” Bluenote quipped thru the commlink as her legs instinctively squeezed his titanium haunches – her free hand swiping the water bottle from its coaster. The starting box that was once filled with the sound of metal servos and pistons as their mounts had gotten into their positions was […]

Reverse-Engineering You

I was thinking about immortality on the drive to work today. Not the usual sci-fi methods of extended life medical breakthroughs or genetic manipulations or cyborgs or cryo-freezing or even brain-uploading… Well, maybe that last one. I was thinking about the phrase “they’ll live on in our hearts”. This referring to someone living on in […]

The Best, And Worst, Advice In The Galaxy

Luke: “Master Yoda, moving rocks around is one thing, this – this is totally different!” Yoda: “No! NO different. Only different in your mind. You must un-learn what you have learned” Luke: ” (*sigh*) Okay, I’ll give it a try-” Yoda: “-No, try not. Do. Or do not. There is no Try” I had always […]