Meet me at the place

I wanna write a ransom note / clandestine meeting generator.

I was thinking about spy movies gangster films, and other bits of media where they have the trope of receiving instructions for a meeting or money drop or something along the lines of “meet me at noon in the park. you’ll see a blind man with a red corsage feeding ducks. leave the money under his bench. come alone”

I was thinking of all the places and ways of determining the correct contact, what to bring, other circumstances that need to be met, and thought it’d be fun to make a secret meeting generator. So now I gotta looks at the times movies had ransom demands or spy meetings and put together all the tropes. Should make for some funny madlib-esque combinations:

“We have your [daughter]. If you want to see [her] again, bring [$50] in [non-sequencial] [travellers cheques] to the [oil refinery]. Look for a [dog] wearing a [pink] [eye-patch] on his [lapel]. He will say “It’s too [cold] to [snow] this [month]” and you will reply “that’s because of the [unions]”. Go to the [gazebo] he indicates and leave the [diamonds] under the [car]. Come alone.”

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