Taking Inventory: Card-Carrying Carrier of Cards


  • one(1) money clip

I’ve had a lot of wallets in my life, and a fair amount of money clips, and I have to say I prefer the latter. Whenever I had a wallet, I would inevitably leave business cards, old insurance stuff, folded up post-it notes with phone numbers and such in it and it got really bulky fast. With a money clip, it’s just cards and cash. So, let’s see WHAT cards and WHAT cash I got on me at all times, shall we?

Inventory of Money Clip:

  • Ten-dollar bill
  • Disney Chase VISA card

So, I only ever had one credit card until I got married. My wife had this credit card because it earned points to spend at Disney whenever we used it, and as you may already know, we are big-time Disney fans.

There used to be an area in Epcot’s World Pavilion in the one for ‘Murica that had a Chase lounge; Anyone who had this card could go in and relax, get a drink, lounge and charge their phone or use the restroom. It was nice. I miss it. Last time it was there, I think it was one of the times that Hanson was giving a concert in the pavilion arena across the way from it and we got to relax in there before hitting the concert.

  • annual pass for Walt Disney World

So, we have TONS of magic bands for actually going to the parks, or opening our hotel room door or what have you, but you need this card on you if you want to get the 10% discount off the merch.

  • Humana Medical Insurance card
  • Humana Dental Insurance card

Recently, they switch our dental insurance from MetLife to Humana and I once again had the fun and pleasurable experience of triple-checking my in-network providers to make absolutely certain that my Dentist was in-network.

Then, after my checkup a couple weeks ago, wherein the one tooth that is re-absorbing itself (long story) was getting to the point that I needed to get referred to an oral surgeon, I got to once again check to see if THAT Dr. was in-network.

Aaaaaaaand of course he wasn’t.

So, now I get to track down all the oral surgeons in my immediate area and present that list to my dentist to see if he’d recommend any of them.

And then get him to send them my x-rays.

Aint the healthcare system in this country grand?

  • State Farm Car Insurance card (expired)

Glad I did this, cuz I swore I switched out the old card for the newer one. Guess I know what’s on my to-do list this evening…

  • Delta American Express card (unactivated)

So, my wife travels more than me, and when she went to Seattle for PAX West last year, she purchased her tickets with this to get a discount. Seemed worth the $200 or so.

Haven’t used it since.

  • Georgia Driver’s License
  • Bank Debit Card
  • Discover Card

Ah, the Discover Card…

I got this, my first ever Credit Card in my name, when I was a freshman at UGA. They had a picnic table set up in the quad and were giving away swag if you signed up for a card. Among the swag was a frisbee. I wanted a frisbee. I signed up for the card. I got a frisbee. I totally forgot about the card for a month.

When the card arrived, I didn’t bother using it for another 6 months.

About that time, I got a call from the credit card company inquiring as to why I had not activated or used my Discover card, and I told them why.

Back then, they gave you a paper form to fill out that had those rectangles for you to fill in each letter of your name, address, etc. Apparently I wrote my block letters a bit briskly that afternoon in the quad, hurredly filling out the form to get a frisbee to throw at my friend’s head before he caught on to what I was doing.

So, in my haste, the top horizontal lines of my “E”s in DANIEL and VANHIEL were disconnected from the vertical line on the left and were instead shifted to the right enough to connect to the vertical line of the “L”.

So, the name on the Credit Card was amusingly spelled as “DANIEZ VANHIEZ”.

Now, me being an innocent 18 year old, naive to the world and financial responsibility, I wasn’t totally sure if me using this card would constitute credit card fraud, since that was not my name.

They agreed to send me a new card with my name spelled correctly, but ever since then, I see in the mail to this day envelopes addressed to Mr. VanHiez and I have to chuckle.

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