You’re Two Tents, from Party Info Share

Merrick returns from securing firewood in a dry nook only to watch a bough break on the tree under which he had strategically set up his tent; redirecting a deluge of the pouring rain directly on it and collapsing the whole thing. He makes a quick check of the other tents to see who might be still up at that hour and notices a light in Lunan’s tent.

Trying to talk loud enough to be heard thru the downpour, but now so loud as to wake the rest of the party, he gets Lunan’s attention and is allowed into the enormous tent. “I know I joked earlier about being able to fit the whole town in here, but would you mind one more?” Merrick asks wryly.

Lunan obliges “Most welcome, my friend. I usually like to sleep under nothing but the stars, but alas, there are none to be had tonight! I may have gone a little overboard in my size of tent, yes, but sadly there was nothing available in the market that could accommodate me that was any smaller.”

“Well, it’s certainly benefitting *me* at the moment!” Merrick answers with a smile. The two settle in and manage to sleep thru some of the night. As Merrick is picking thru the remains of his tent the next morning and relaying the events of the previous evening to the rest of the group over breakfast, he casually mentions to Lunan “Hey, did you happen to know that you talk in your sleep?”

“And not in any language I had ever heard before, either.”

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